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Water Services

Introduction to the Water Supply Program / Project


This program will be implemented having selected as target groups the families living without drinking water in rural areas and semi urban areas where there is no coverage by either the Water Supply and Drainage Board or any other projects. On the strength of the provisions of the Ministry of Water Supply, Uva Province, the program will be activated through the Pradeshiya Sabhas and Divisional Secretariats with the participation of the selected individual groups of the area.

Project supervision and follow up action will be done by the officers who will be authorised by the Secretary to the Ministry. The assistance of  Regional Engineers  and senior technical officers will be requested on the  instances of urgency depending on the project capacity.



Project Direction Supervision Coordination
Mr. G.K.S.L. Rajadasa
Ministry of Water Supply  
Phone No - 055-2222337
E mail - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Assistant Director (Planning)
Mr. S.W.L. Wathukara
Phone No - 055-2225981
Development Officer
Mr. R.M Pathmasiri


Preparation of Feasibility Reports ad Estimates

The feasibility reports relevant to individual water schemes are prepared by the technical officers of the implementing institution and forwarded to the Water Supply Ministry along with the estimate on the recommendation of head of the institution. Once the Water Supply Committee evaluates these reports, the Secretary to the Ministry will grant his approval for release of provisions. Accordingly the relevant institution will be authorized to implement the project.

Payments will be made under the supervision of the officers authorized by the Ministry Secretary.
On completion of the project the activities relating to maintenance and running of the project will be done by the implementing institution or a rural organization. Here the rural group should be authorized by the implementing institution. Appointment of a maintenance caretaker for the distribution of water among consumers and attending to day to day maintenance work will be preliminary activities . This caretaker will the subjected to a formal training also.


Tube Well Program

This method is followed only on occasions where there is no water to be provided through the construction of common wells or by any other water scheme. It is expected to construct tube wells to cover the areas where there is a dry climate in the Uva Province . For this,    Water Resources Board has been selected as the construction institution and once they finish preliminary work of organizational activities and preparation of estimates, the approval will be given for construction.





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