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Coperative Services


Statutory Activities

    Establishment and registration of cooperative societies within the province and amendments to by laws (Visit FAQ's page for the more detail)
    Auditing of registered societies
    Taking decisions as semi-judicial activities and legal activities such as appointment of Committees
    Inquiries and Investigations in Societies
    Activities relating to property and assets (Visit FAQ's page for the more detail)
    Cancellation of registration and liquidation work (Visit FAQ's page for the more detail)

Development Activities

    Management Planning and counseling activities
    Banking activities (Visit FAQ's page for the more detail)
    Membership development and cultural activities
    Potential community development (For School Children)
    National and public provincial coordination activities
    Cooperative education performance and statistical education
    Intervention to implement state policy based on cooperative society (Initiation of coop city and mini city, Samurdhi trade and intervention to implement the policy  on , let  us cultivate and build up the country
    Direction to contribute to national income (paddy purchase and production of seed paddy)

Completion of Auditing Activities of All Types of Cooperative Society Registered in the Department.

    Visiting Registered cooperative Society and carrier out annual audit.
    Create awareness in the society’s officers about shortcomings and merits discovered there by
    Obtained report relevant to auditing from commissioner of cooperative Development and Register. And taking  follow up action on the  matters  reveal in reviewing such reports


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